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Black Panther (2018)  I was responsible for the layout and terrain model for the Bashenga environment which spanned hundreds of square kilometers from the slope near the Spire, all the way to the mountains on the horizon and beyond. A lot of artists were involved including Kyeyoung Peck (trees and vegetation modeling), Garret Biles (rock, and terrain sculpting), Corey Darough (the Spire and platform), Henry YoungBum (crater wall cliffs), Sebastien Marsais (Houdini god, designed the plant/tree instancing system, used height fields to add detail to the mountains, find the routes of rivers, etc), and Eric Zhang who textured most of what you see working in close collaboration with DMP artists David Binello and Thomas Kayser. Rhino was modeled by Maruesh and Textured by Tristan Rettich.

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